Printing Services

print·er : (Noun). The art, practice, or business of reproduction in printed (hardcopy) form. 

The most common styles of printing we offer are Offset & Digital printing. There are many differences between these two styles, but most commonly the big three determining factors between them are:
1. How quickly do you need your finished piece?

2. What substrate (paper), and/or what size are they printing?

3. How will this fit into the budget for your project?

Don’t worry, our experienced team can help with this choice.

Digital Printing – Professional quality. Faster turnaround time for most projects. Most cost effective for tight budgets. 
Offset Printing – Maximum quality. Large paper variety of textures and thickness selection. Most accurate color matching (by using Pantone color books and Ink matching processes if needed).
Thermography – Raised and shiny ink. Many stock choices. Color matching. Some people choose to simulate this feature by embossing or embossing finishing process. 

Please see the Finishing section (Below) for the following options: Metallic Foil Stamping and embossing, Blind Embossing, Spot Varnishes,  Laminating, Die Cutting, and Binding.

Finishing Services

fin·ish·er: (Noun) Complete the manufacture of (a material, object) by giving it an attractive surface appearance.

Binding – Completing your booklets, Calendars, Books and Catalogs with selected spine (Coil, Wire, Spiral, Perfect Bind, Saddle Stitching).
Folding– Menus, Greeting Cards, Pamphlets, Mailers are usually folded. We offer Half folds, Tri-folds, Z-Folds or more complicated folds like accordion or double gate.
Laminating – Provide a protective layer over printed pieces using heat or pressure. Makes your finished projects waterproof and long lasting.

Foil Stamping – Cold stamping uses adhesive foil. Hot stamping uses pressure and heat. This is not just for wedding invites! We have many clients who elevate their business cards and marketing materials with this process.
Embossing – Uses plates that press into paper to make a raised impression. Subtle and  elegant.
Debossing – Uses plates that press into paper to make a recessed stamped down impression.
Die Cutting – Personalized die can cut out your finished piece to any custom shape.